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Please have faith and click on the box below.  This is a beautiful story and picture of God's love for you...  Don't forget to turn on your audio.  Scroll down for links on suicide prevention on lower left.  Just remember Jesus loves you!  I have also included some free books on relationships below.  Scroll down for other help links.
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Sometimes in life, what we think are the greatest defeats, are the greatest victories.  March 6th 2008  
Dale Lee Gordon

Your questions answered here!

I am listening to your requests and I am responding by writing new sections here. I asked God the same questions you are asking, and the answer is yes God loves you.  When I originally asked Google I got a pack of lies, and yes I know it hurts, but to answer your question in one verse, 1 John 4:8 God is love.  Hang in there while I get more organized myself and show you the love you need through Jesus.  No God is not angry when you don't pray, He understands sometimes we can't.  There were days that turned to years I could not hardly read the Bible, and trust me I did all I could to anger GOD, but I found forgiveness at my honest and sincere repentance.  

A parable about dealing with   adversity...  Click Here!

Link to other help page below.  Stop the Violence site with more help links.  Be sure to scroll down to bottom of page text!  

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Any information you put here does get posted but it is good to confess our sins.  
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